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Make your own angling memories today with a guided fishing trip on one of Southern California's famed bass reservoirs.

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Tackle the tenacious sportfish that Southern California is known for, including yellowtail, tuna, white seabass, and calico bass. Or catch high numbers of bay bass and bonefish on the picturesque bay!

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Hour by hour instructional sessions that focus on learning and improving fishing techniques. If you want to learn how to drop shot, fish jigs, throw swimbaits, or any other technique, this is a fast and affordable way.

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If you need to learn the fundamentals of bass fishing, these afforable personalized fishing lessons conducted at the water's edge are perfect for you.

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Wednesday, May 01, 2019




March 2017 - WINNING!

Tom's Fishing Blog

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

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January - February 2017

Tom's Fishing Blog

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

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My Lakes

San Diego is world famous for its largemouth bass fishing, and particularly BIG BASS. As of March 2011, 10 of the top 25 heaviest largemouths ever caught came from San Diego County. I grew up on these lakes and know ALL of their hot spots. Here are a few of my favorites...

San Vicente

san vicente

San Vicente is the hottest lake in Southern California right now. It reopened in the summer of 2016 after being closed for over 8 years for a historic dam raise project. The new version, a bigger San Vicente is teeming with healthy largemouth bass right now.

El Capitan


El Capitan is one of our biggest reservoirs in the County and has a population of bass to complement its size. This is a great lake to catch numbers of quality bass and learn to throw jigs, carolina rigs, spinnerbaits and topwater baits.

Lower Otay


Big bass continue to flourish in Lower Otay, where dozens of bass over 10 pounds are caught each year. Tules line the banks making it a great lake to flip and pitch. Some big rock piles and points produce excellent deep water fishing as well.


lake murray

Lake Murray is a small clearwater reservoir right in the middle of San Diego that is open daily and full of giant trout fed bass!


Lake Skinner is located just north of San Diego and has been kicking out some monster largemouth bass over the last few years on swimbaits. Among those were two documented bass over 16 pounds!

Diamond Valley Lake


Right now, there is no consistently better bass lake around! Its a deep, clear reservoir and is EXCELLENT for swimbait fishing and deep structure fishing. Diamond Valley is arguably one of the best bass fisheries in the entire world right now.

My Ocean

San Diego is also reknowned for its world-class saltwater fishing opportunities. As the United State's southern most port on the Pacific Ocean, San Diego offers quick and easy access to the bountiful waters of Mexico's Coronado Islands, the local kelp beds, offshore banks, and two healthy bays; San Diego and Mission.

Outer Banks / Islands


If you're after fish that double as tremendous sport and table fare, San Diego's offshore banks fit the bill. Those banks offer great seasonal fishing for both yellowfin and bluefin tuna, dorado, yellowtail, and albacore!

Kelp Beds


The San Diego inshore scene focuses on two targets; the Point Loma kelp and the La Jolla kelp. Both of which are inhabited year-round by calico bass, halibut, yellowtail and white seabass among others.

San Diego Bay


San Diego Bay is perhaps the most underrated fishery in Southern California. This scenic bay, bordered by the beautiful downtown and Coronado skylines is home to numerous species of fish including bay bass, sand bass, bonefish and halibut.

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