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Thursday, February 02, 2012

I had 2 "FISHING INSTRUCTION" trips last weekend and they were great. This popular on the water Fishing Instruction session is much different than a traditional Guided Trip. We fished but the focus was learning. I did teach; proper equipment, line, seasonal patterns, finding "spots", how to use ALL the different baits we use, when to use them and why, structure fishing, fishing during the spawn, boat position and why it matters, swimbait fishing, how to catch big fish, and yes I shared a few secrets too.

If you want to improve your skills with these baits and more call me!





Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hey Bass Kings! Sorry about the clarity of this was raining. I finally got out to throw the Swimbait ALL day. I fished Lake Otay from 7am - 4pm. 4 bites 2 fish. The fish in this film was the 4 lber. I had to stop filming because it got too wet. I caught another fish close to 6 lbs later. I was using a 8in Huddleston ROF 12 and 25 lb green Maxima mono. My friend Kevin makes a Bad Ass rod and I am using it here. The rod is a 7ft 10in heavy swimbait rod. Enjoy...


PreSpawn - too early?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hey Bass Kings! Had a fun day with my friend Matt out on El Cap. Although fishing was tough it was Matt's turn to catch not 1 but 2 fish over 5 lbs. This lake has changed so much the last few weeks. The water is now super clear. The breakin fish are pretty much done. There are lots of fish suspended. We got bit in 20ft of water on this day. I can just feel the fish are just waiting for Spring and warmer water temps. "Prespawn" is approaching fast!

First fish at 11am!  Just under 6lbs                       #2 on the last cast of the day around 3:00pm just over 5lbs

Both released and still swimming!

IMG_3735  IMG_3748


Throwin the BIG Worm

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I grew up throwing a texas rig plastic worm and it is still one of my favorite techniques. I really like throwing a BIG worm and you will catch bigger bass with this method. I catch 2lber's and 10lber's on this rig and this is what I do with it...enjoy.


El Cap Winter Bassin

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Hey Bass Kings! I have been fishing El Cap for the last Month getting ready for the NBW tourney we had on 12/3. Fishing is wild this time of year. It's all about the shad this time of year and finding the right areas with the right school of fish. Also, the "mood" of the bass has been tricky. Some days the eat the scrounger and the next they don't. 

The underspin, tailspin, and rapala ice jig have all been really productive. We also have been catching them on the drop shot rig from 20-40ft. Using your electronics is very important this time of year. 

Congrats to my buddies John Wick and Art Berry for the 1st place with 16.88lbs. We took 6th with 15.34lbs. Crazy weights for December!

If you want to learn more about Team Tournament fishing ask me!





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